Frequesntly Asked Questions

Frequesntly Asked Questions

FAQ section provides you with answers to your most frequently asked questions about the platform.


What is dtac Apps Marketplace?

dtac Apps Marketplace is an online platform where customers can get their desired cloud based solutions from different providers with attractive packages.

dtac Apps Marketplace is one-stop shop to try and buy the best value applications for your business. Manage, monitor and purchase all your business applications from a single dashboard with no worries.

Why I will purchase solution from dtac Apps Marketplace instead of getting it from the original company?

Most of the solutions need CAPEX investment or one time purchase which needs a significant amount of money. dtac Apps Marketplace is offering flexible monthly/yearly subscription packages. You can access multiple offers for the same service and can choose the best suitable package for you. You can also compare silutions from different providers from the marketplace.

What is the difference between your dtac Apps Marketplace and Google play store?

Google Play store is a marketplace where user can buy or download android based application which only runs on android operating system.

dtac Apps Marketplace provides cloud based solutions. No specific OS is required to subscribe to these software. User can access through any browser with internet connection.

Why partners will onboard their product in dtac Apps Marketplace?

Local software firms have some quality products. However, they cannot reach their target market specially the market outside Bangkok. dtac Apps Marketplace will help them to reach more customers without any promotion or salesforce.

Is there any desktop based software/services?

No. All of them are cloud based solution

Do I always need internet connectivity to access the application?

Yes. Internet connection is mandatory to use the solutions.

Who is hosting the software?

Respective Application providers host their application in their own cloud. All users data are being preserved in individual application provider owned cloud database.

If I want to be an Application Partner in dtac Apps Marketplace, what I need to do?

You are always welcome to be an Application Provider of dtac Apps Marketplace. For that, please send an email to with your product portfolio. Respective personnel from Apps Marketplace team will get in touch with you.

Who will ensure my data privacy?

The privacy of your information provided to register your company will be ensured by dtac Apps Marketplace. The data privacy of your subscribed application/s will be ensured by the respective partner. dtac will not be responsible in any way if there is any data breach of the third party application/s.


Do I have to be a dtac subscriber to be a user in dtac Apps Marketplace?

No. Anyone can subscribe to dtac Apps Marketplace.

Is it necessary to be a SME/Enterprise customer of dtac to avail the solutions?

No. It is not mandatory to be a Business customer of dtac to avail any service from the Apps Marketplace.

What is the timeline for user verification?

Customer can register and use the solutions readily. This is an automated registration process.

Subscription/Buying Process

Is there any auto renew process?

No. You have to pay monthly fee through payment gateway by yourself. Subscriber will get a reminder mail to renew their availed solutions.

Can a single person subscribe/use the software in your system?

Yes, a single person can subscribe /use the software from our Apps Marketplace.

Can I use the solutions for free?

Yes, you can get free trial option for a certain period of time. There is no charge for the publisher’s software license fees for use during the trial period. Upon expiration, you have pay to subscribe for the solution.

What is the duration of a single subscription?

Different options are available. You can check from the Product Catalogue.


If I am not satisfied, can I return a purchase?

Purchases made from the dtac Apps Marketplace cannot be returned but can be canceled/deleted. Once a subscription is canceled/deleted, you will not be charged for subsequent months.

I need to unsubscribe from an existing services. What is the process for it?

To unsubscribe from an existing service you have to send us a mail at 

Can I get my subscription fee back if I unsubscribe anytime?

No. If you purchase any application and unsubscribe it in the middle of subscription period, the subscription fee will not be refunded. However, each solution provides sufficient trial period which is free of cost that will help you to take final decision before purchasing.

After unsubscribing, can I avail another services from marketplace?

Yes. After unsubscribing user can purchase another service or even the same service from the Apps Marketplace.


How can I pay the monthly subscription fees?

You can pay the monthly subscription fees through our payment gateway. At present, credit/debit card options are available.

Do all items in the Marketplace cost money?

No. Almost every solution package items are available for a free trial. The catalog page shows the price options.

Can I avail the free versions without registration?

No. you or your company must register first.

Do I need to provide payment information during registration?

No. You will be redirected to the payment gateway only when you will subscriber for a paid pack.

Is there any paperwork required to start a trial or purchase a product or service from dtac Apps Marketplace?

No, paper work is required to start a trail or purchase an application from dtac Apps Marketplace.

If I do not make the payment in time, does my access to services get revoked?

Yes, if the payment is not made in time, then the access to the services will be revoked.

Is it safe to shop online using my Credit Card? How secure is my credit card information?

Yes, it is safe to shop online using credit card. Your credit card information is encrypted during transmission using secure socket layer (SSL) technology, which is widely used on the Internet for this purpose. Your credit card information is only used to complete the requested transaction and is not subsequently stored.

How do I subscribe for a service in Marketplace?

Buying a SaaS service is simple. Select the service from your store catalog, add to your shopping cart, fill-in the required information and make payment. Payment will happen based on the payment method that your administrator defined for your while.

Product Update

Can I get my data already stored in the system?

Yes, you can get your data of any particular application anytime stored in the system hosted by the partner.

How do I upgrade my services?

You can upgrade your services at any time by purchasing other upgraded version of your current services. For that you have to purchase it form the dtac Apps marketplace. But at the same time you have to unsubscribe from the current package if you no longer want to continue. Please be informed that if you unsubscribe from any current package in the middle of subscription period your subscription fee will not be refunded.

Order Management

How do I place an order?

Simple, if you are buying a SaaS service, select the service from your store catalog and add to your shopping cart, make the payment.

How will I know if order is placed successfully?

Once the order is successfully placed, an order confirmation message will be displayed on your screen. And also a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail ID with the order details.

How do I check the status of my order?

You can always navigate to Orders > Manage Orders page and view your order status.

How do I cancel my order?

Once your order is fulfilled, and the payment process is through, you cannot cancel the order.

Can I place a bulk order for an item(s)?

Yes. You can add as many licenses you need.

Can I add an item to my order after I have placed my order?

Yes, you can add an item to the order after you have placed your order.

How do I order more services to my account?

You can keep on adding order(s) to your shopping cart and make necessary payments.

How do I manage my orders?

Manage Orders feature helps you to track your order status, view your order, and viewing your bill summary

When will my services be available for use after I order?

The services will be available for use only after it is provisioned to you. Our partner will share the credential within 48hours of receiving the order.

User Management

Creating your store

Can I add user(s) to my company account?

Yes. You can add the number of users according to the purchased licenses. You can assign services to these user(s) one at a time or multiple users simultaneously.

How do I add user(s)?

If you have the privilege, you can add other members of your company as user(s) of the Store. Once added, you can assign services to these user(s). You can add one user at a time or multiple users simultaneously.

If I delete a user, can I reclaim the license for a new user?

Yes, you can. However, we recommend you to unassign the licenses that are assigned to the user before you delete the user account.

Can I provision more users than the number of purchased licenses for that service subscription?

No, you can’t provision to more users than the number of purchased licenses for that service subscription.


I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?

You can retrieve it by clicking on Forget Password option. Your email will be needed to retrieve the password. New password will be shared to your email.

How do I give my feedback?

In dtac Apps Marketplace “Get Support” option is there for all products or you can email to  

Will I require help from the professional services team to set up the service during a trial?

Most of the software package contains self-explanatory documents and video tutorials which is sufficient to set up the service during a trial. If additional support is required you can send email to   

How can I get aftersales support?

24/7 support is available for dtac Apps Marketplace. You can raise any issue any time through “Get Support” module which is available in dtac Apps Marketplace or you can send email to